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Dakco is specialized in researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing full range of LED display screen products. Our products are widely used in a variety of market fields: sports, branding, advertising, traffic, out-of-home communication, entertainment, exhibitions, car shows, fashion shows,...


Latest LED Display Project

LED Display case
Outdoor LED display in Shenzhen
Dakco's P10mm SMD display in Shenzhen,with 10000dots/sq.m and 5.12m*3.84m size.
Case in Ukraine
Outdoor display in Ukraine
Dakco's P20mm DIP LED 2RGB display in Ukraine,with Pixel Density 2500dots/sq.m and 12.8m*2.88m size.
DIP display
Outdoor DIP display Series
The good cost-performance choice for Fixed Installation. A Full Spec ranges from P10mm to P31.25mm, Dakco Provide 2RGB and RGB 2 models of choice.
SMD display
Outdoor SMD LED screen Series
Latest outdoor SMD LED fullcolor display , with the speciality of waterproof, high brightness, wide view angle and superb uniformity at short viewing distance, made it's the best solution to display video in outdoor & indoor.
LED Indoor display
Indoor SMD 3in1 LED display Series
New creative smd LED display, the best solution to display video in indoor environment, sets a new standard for technology in a wide variety of applications.

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